Text Box: E.k. Silversmith LLC
Shower Doors, Glass Enclosures, and Mirrors

Model Cardinal

1/2 Clear Tempered Glass

Model Duchess

90ْ Door & Panel. Brushed Nickel Antique Handle

Model 15-2S

3/8 Clear Tempered Glass,

90ْ Notched & Pivot Hinges

Product List

Text Box: Elegance and Luxury Come Standard

Model Neo-Angle

Clear Glass Enclosure with Header

Model 15-1S

135ْ Door & Panels

Model 15-S

Door & Notched Panel

Model 15-TS

Steam Shower with

Straight Handle

Model 20-2S

Doors & Panels In-Line

Swing In and Out

Model Bi-Fold

3/8 Stationary Panel with

Bi-Fold Doors

Model 10-S

Frosted Glass Privacy Door

Model 20-S

1/2 Glass Doors &

Clear Shelves

Model Frame

Curved Glass

Model 5-S

Notched Splash Guard Panel

At E.K. Silversmith ultimate luxury and innovative design are achieved through the use of only the finest hardware and most exceptional materials. Products range from frameless shower doors to framed, including neo-angle, standard shower, and tub enclosures. Given that safety is our number one concern, our entire collection of shower enclosures features 3/8 or 1/2 tempered safety glass. Finally, our assorted glass variety (clear, frosted, tinted, starphire, antique, rivuletta, bronze, blue rain) can be fitted to accommodate your exceptional tastes and preferences.

Custom Curved Glass

1/2 Tempered Glass with Clamps